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Our Property Management Division has been in operation for over 20 years.

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We pride ourselves on our good judgement, fairness, communication and integrity in dealing with you, the property owner, or with you the tenant. We are very fluent with the Residential Tenancies Act and its amendments, so when it comes to knowing your rights as a property owner or tenant we can make sure they are recognised. Our systems ensure that rents are monitored daily and that maintenance is checked regularly. Our telephone system directs tenants through to an emergency hotline for serious “essential services” maintenance, should this occur out of hours.

Our Service

We provide a comprehensive Property Management Service which can be tailored to suit your needs. We have customers who reside overseas, we pay their bills, rates, insurances and are basically custodians of their property. Down the scale we have the majority of our managements under which we collect the rent, organise maintenance, maintain tenancy income, make regular inspections while providing communication and tax accounting back to the property owner, making the process as stress free as possible and easy for tax time.

What we do for you

Assess Rental – Our first job in many cases is to assess the weekly market rental value of your property. We regularly review market rents and make suggestions on increases or on “meeting the market” to induce occupancy. We will advertise your property to attract tenants through our website. We will also utilise other forms of marketing to attract prospective tenants, which may include upgrading an existing good tenant to your property.

Tenant Screening – We screen tenants as thoroughly as possible and all tenants must provide a credit check and references with their written Tenancy Application. Each applicant is interviewed and some specific questions are asked.

Tenancy Agreement – We will (on your behalf) enter into a written Tenancy Agreement with the tenant, outlining all the conditions of the tenancy and any special requirement that needs to be adhered to.

Management – Once a tenant has been sourced and takes possession of your property, a detailed move-in inspection is carried out which includes photographs and chattels list etc (see iPads below). We then manage the tenancy checking on rental income every 48 hours to ensure that should rent arrears occur, we can act promptly to notify the tenant of the breach of tenancy (within the RTA) and get it back on track.

Maintenance – We organise any maintenance required on your behalf up to a set monetary value that has been previously agreed to. We will at your request get quotes for any other work required. We have a team of professional tradesmen who we use regularly (who value the opportunity to do regular work for us). We monitor the maintenance closely to ensure that all work being carried out is done to a high standard and is completed on time and at reasonable cost.

Fees – First National Pacific Coast are committed to providing a comprehensive, quality service to our clients at an affordable price. Our Property Management Fees are set so that we are competitive without undercutting essential services. As in all things you get what you pay for, we believe we provide a service over and above the average management fee. If you are making a decision on management companies based on saving $2.50 per week be smart and ask about their experience, occupancy rates, how many tribunal hearings this year… that sort of thing. One Tribunal hearing because of the wrong tenant selected can cost you $900 and a long wait to get your money – if you can get the tenant out. After 25 years in the business we have refined processes which minimise your exposure to this and keeps income streams flowing. We’d love to explain it all to you. Ask to speak to Gordon 021 385 385.

Our charges are:

  • A percentage + gst on the rent collected (this varies on the number of properties you have). Talk to us about this and we will provide a quote.
  • $120+gst per year for detailed Maintenance Inspections (this is based on 4 inspections per year on your property).
  • $25 +gst (per instance) for a comprehensive and detailed move in or move out Inspection Report.
  • 8% of the bill for maintenance organised, (up to a maximum of $25 + gst in any month)  but we try and avoid charging for maintenance, depending on how much time and involvement we have in organising this for you. Most of the time we put you in touch with a contractor and there is no charge. We try our best to keep your costs down.

Inspections – It is vital to the ongoing management of your property to have it regularly inspected. We acquire many managements where the owner has elected not to have it inspected to save money and the tenancy has turned into a disaster. We have seen many situations where hot water cylinders have leaked and gone undetected causing thousands of dollars of damage and un-insurable, or where a tenant has not informed the property owner of a leak in the roof, a fuse continually blowing, a dripping tap, a rotten step, and so on…. and the property loses its value.

iPads – Because inspections are so important we have invested in iPad technology. iPads have excellent photographic facilities and we are able to document everything step by step at every inspection, whether it be a routine maintenance inspection or move-in-out.
Our move-in and move-out inspections cannot be challenged as we have photographic evidence stored specifically against your property file in our comprehensive Property Management software (we believe the best in NZ) and we aim to be experts at it. This of course leads to accurate recovery of bond money if anything is damaged or broken during the tenancy, and irrefutable evidence if we are facing a Tenancy Tribunal on your behalf.

Call us now for a free “Guide to Renting” 0800 868439. We can send you a guide on what is involved in renting out your property on a casual or permanent basis outlining more of what has been stated here.


2022 First National Awards, our Property Management Division received “Top Property Management Growth” 100-200 Managements – Region 2 and “Top Property Management” 100-200 Managements – Region 2.

2021 First National Awards, our Property Management Division received “Top New Zealand Property Management Office” 100-200 Managements. We also received “Top New Zealand Property Management Growth”.

2019 First National Awards, our Property Management Division received the “Top Property Manager Of The Year ” for New Zealand. Quite an achievement!

2018 First National Awards our office was awarded ” Top Property Management Department 100-200 Managements (Region 2)”.

2017 First National Awards our office was awarded “Top Property Management Office Award Region 2” & “Top Property Management Growth Award Region 2 – Holiday Rentals”.

2012 First National Awards our office was awarded “Top Property Management Office” for growth in Managements and “Top Property Management Office” for our region. We were pretty chuffed with that!

2011 First National Awards our office was awarded “Top Property Management Office” for the region (Waikato) and 2nd place nationally amongst over 100 offices.

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